How We Inspect Chimneys

We inspect a chimney and compare it to what the codes and standards say and then apply some experience and judgement into the overall call and the recommendations.
We do not necessarily call out every minor thing wrong with a chimney, if we don’t think it’s a hazard or important.
If we see something that is an issue and we can think of more than one way to deal with it, at different levels of cost, we will tell you about options available.
We are not trying to maximize the amount of repairs needed, and consequently, our profits. We are trying to ensure you end up with a safe chimney at a fair price.
Our inspectors do not get paid to sell repair jobs. They get paid to do a thorough inspection and to communicate the results of that inspection clearly to the customer. (If by some happenstance the customer decides to do the repair job while the inspector is at the house, and signs up for it and pays a down payment, then the inspector does get a 3% commission, in addition to the amount he is paid for doing the inspection, but that doesn’t happen very often. We are pretty low pressure sales around here.)
That’s about it. It’s pretty simple, really.
Mike Rees