We repair chimneys. Much of the time, chimneys don’t get any attention for decades at a time.

Masonry chimneys can develop cracks or holes in the mortar joints, which are considered hazards, due to the potential for heat to make its way through the masonry walls of the chimney to reach wood structure.

Metal prefab chimneys are sometimes installed incorrectly on the inside.

Most of the time, if there are flaws with a chimney, things can be repaired. Sometimes masonry chimneys have to be partially demoed and then rebuilt, and sometimes badly damaged prefab systems have to be removed and replaced, but the vast majority of chimney systems can be repaired at much lesser cost, compared to a rebuild or a replacement.

If someone else has recommended a rebuild or a replacement for your chimney, please call us for a second opinion. Often times we can propose a repair solution that will result in a safe chimney, at much less cost.