We clean chimneys.

We inspect chimneys.

We repair chimneys.

We rebuild chimneys. (But only if they need to be rebuilt.)

We install new prefab fireplace and chimney systems. (Currently the cities in the LA area are only allowing new or replacement fireplaces to be gas-only. The type is called “direct vent” and has a sealed glass front over the fireplace opening.)

We charge:

$148 to inspect a one-story system
$198 to inspect a two-story system
$150 to clean most one-story systems (more if it’s far away or extra dirty)
$200 to clean most two-story systems ( ditto )
$250 to install most masonry chimney spark arrester caps
$350 to install most prefab chimney spark arrester caps
$150 to install a log lighter beneath a grate to help get the wood burning more easily
$250 to install a gas valve above the floor, if there is a working gas line inside the firebox but no valve
$400 or more to install a set of gas logs
$400 or more to install a burner beneath a bed of crushed glass
$0 if you just need someone to talk to and ask questions (don’t get too personal)
Call if you need something else.